The bright side of my day

Today I was “only” at school for about 5 hours, as I had made plans to visit my parents place. We are more or less finished with the presentation by now, and I really needed a slightly less stressfull afternoon 🙂 It was truly great to see my family, my parents got us all pizza, my brother borrowed me some Ludovico Einaudi notes so I can play some of the pieces myself when I have time to practise the piano (started a bit on an easy one – might post a video of me playing it when Im done), and my sister made me clear some stages in mario DS for her. I also got to borrow some childrens books for my chinese speaking partner. They are all so awesome, I don’t know how I will manage to live without them for an entire year in China 🙂
Found some really promising spring signs today as well, the trees are beginning to grow new leafs, and my sister had picked coltsfoots (the first flower that normally shows up here in Norway). Can’t wait for summer!


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