Application forms!! :O

I have been wanting my application form for Fudan for some time now, and today I got an e-mail from school with the applications for both the language course and the year we are taking abroad – also got a document explaining how to fill it all out 😀
I am so excited, China seems a lot closer now that I got the actual form from Fudan and not only the BI one. Allthough we have to apply to Fudan now as well, they have never declined any students BI has nominated, so I feel confident I will get accepted. To think, this time next year I will be living in Shanghai! It’s kind of unreal to me, even if it feels less so now that I got the new forms. I have planned more or less everything, I will be living with Cathrine and Irene and the three of us have looked at some plane tickets as well that we will be ordering soonish -as for finding the appartment we will use a couple of contacts down there to help us look for the right one and negotiate the right price, so thats why we didnt decide on one yet. Oh this is awesome, needed something cool in the middle of this stressfull and annoying period 🙂


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