Just one more day!

So tomorrow is the final part of the International Marketing final, and it’s also my groups turn to give a presentation. Right now Im not all that nervous though, as I did well on the first 60% and it’s going to take a terribly bad presentation to ruin my final grade. I still want to do as good as I possibly can though, because some of the other group members need these last 40% to be good. Today was the final discussion, thats such a relief! It’s terrible having to raise your hand all the time and then maybe not get to say everything you would like to add, or have people misunderstanding you and bringing you down in front of everyone. Tomorrow I will be doing my part of the presentation (thats like 5-6 minutes only) and then I have to pay close attention to the other 3 groups while they discuss as my job during that part will be giving a summary. When we’re done I am going out to dinner with my group to a place called Yaya’s. I am actually really excited about going there, as people have been telling me a lot of good things about the place, and its thai food so thats a huge plus as well. Before my final today I met with Vivian, my chinese speaking partner, again. She had a final today as well, in spoken norwegian, so I tried to help her find a few good sentences to use, also borrowed her a couple of childrens books I got from my family. Vivan taught me some new chinese words as well, and I tried to introduce myself in mandarin – its sad how much I have forgotten from the year I studied mandarin at UiO, I hope that it can all come back if I rewiew a bit and also practise talking with Vivian. Here’s my confidence song:

Really love it – makes me feel better when Im nervous somehow ^^
Im happy that Im almost done with the oral finals, then the written ones are in may, so I will have some time after I get home from London to prepare for the first one.
Anyways thats todays randomness, take care 🙂


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