This will be my last entry about the final in International Marketing – promise!
Today was the final round, and it was also our turn to present a case. We met up at school at about 11 and basicly just practised our presentation over and over again, giving eachother advice on how to improve. Time went real quick and all of a sudden it was time to go to the final.
When we thought we were about to start our presentation, tons of other students entered the classroom.. at first we thought they were in the wrong place, but as it turned out their “big group” didn’t have a group 4 to present the last case, so they were supposed to be there and listen to us instead :S
The extra people made me even more nervous, but nothing we could really do about it so we just had to give our presentation regardless. At least the extra people left before the discussion part. Having to write down everything everybody was saying turned out to be pretty stressfull. Catherine and Irenes jobs were harder though, deciding on who got to talk and control the discussion. When it was time to give us our grade the sensor seemed to have about a gazillion things he ment we had done wrong or needed to improve, and I got more and more nervous as he just kept on brining us down.. the grade wasn’t that bad though – we got a B. I guess some people just like to scare others.. NOT NICE!
And now we are actually done with this seeminly endless final, Im so reliefed. Think it must actually be the most demanding final I have ever had, as I have probably mentioned several times now we had to be there for 3 hours in the evening 4 times.. 1 time presenting and 3 times discussing.
This was also the last oral final for me this semester, still have 3 written ones in may though, but I have some time to relax first I guess 🙂
Our group wanted to celebrate finishing this annoying final, so we went out for dinner and drinks. The place we went to – Yayas, is definitely recommended if you like thai food. The entire place was built to look like this charming beach place in Thailand. Food was really good, great service as well – and I got a HUGE Strawberry and pashion fruid daquiri for just 87 NOK, that is actually real cheap for Oslo. In the middle of dinner the lights went out and we heard rain/thunder noises – real nice touch! Loved the place. After dinner we ninjaed this decoration and took pictures in it, not sure if we were allowed to, but it just looked so cool that we had to ^^Now Im going to take a shower and then just go to sleep, would have stayed out longer to celebrate, but I actually have to go to work tomorrow for some info and my uniform etc, so decided it was a bad idea.


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