The start of another season at Tusenfryd

So today it was back to the summerjob, Tusenfryd (biggest amusement park in Norway) for my yearly training. First we talked about uniform rules, company policy etc for an hour or so, then we had lunch and then a walkthrough of all the rides in the park, discussing anything we might be unsure about. We do this every year partly to remember it for ourselves and partly to all agree on what we teach the new employes when the season begins. It was actually real nice to do the walkthrough because today must be the warmest day this year so far 🙂 I will be working tomorrow as well filling a position the new kinds can’t really learn yet so they can learn the rest of the ride. Slackest job ever honestly, as I will basicly be sitting in a box listening to music and paying attention to a ride. Apparently I will be cleaning a bit and stuff as well, but I dont mind it’s extra cash for the april paycheck 🙂
Oh and I just have to link another Dollyrots song, love this one as well!(not kidding I finally found the mp3 and added it to my ipod yesterday and Im already at 79 times played)


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