Today was my first day this season actually working at a ride again at the amusement park. My job was easy enough – sit in a box and watch over one of the rides the new employees have to learn how to run. I had music, cofee, candy and my lunch box so it was pretty ok sitting there doing more or less nothing all day long, hehe 😛 The most exciting part of my day was the single time an alarm went off and I had to make two of the boats be further apart. (When you sit in the box you can actually control most of the ride, its just easier to let it all be automatic unless something happens) After a whole day of just slacking you should think I now have tons of energy and want to go do something right? Somehow thats not how I feel at all tho – Im actually kind of tired. Guess Im just not used to getting up early in the weekends yet. Now to make some dinner and then I will just watch a movie or something, superslack day – but I have earned it after the last two weeks of stressfull finals.


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