A day off :)

Today I took a long wanted day off from everything. Went to visit my friends Kaja and Stian in Lillestrøm and it was really nice. Me and Kaja had cofee and later on beer out on their balcony in the sun. It was actually really nice and warm outside, didnt even need a jacket and I think Im actually sunburned on one of my arms now. When Stian got home we all had dinner, watched disney movies and played nintendo wii. Those two playing mario together made me laugh so hard actual tears came out several times – Stian gets so annoyed with us for messing up. Kaja and Stian also just got a new kitten – Chrono. He is adorable. Their other cat, Kena, is actually real small – but next to Chrono she looked like a giant. He is only arround 7 weeks old so he is tiny. Whenever I find a place where Im allowed to have a cat, and I know for sure that I won’t be living abroad in periods I am definitely getting a cat! Not sure when that might be though as I also love to travel and want that to be a part of my job as well ideally. Ah well I guess I can possibly try and have a hamster or something when I move home from Shanghai again – heard they just live for about half a year so that’s a smaller commitment, hehe 🙂


2 responses to “A day off :)

  1. Høres ut som en koselig dag! Jeg gjorde ingenting jeg heller igår:p skikkelig digg!

  2. man trenger det noen ganger ;P

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