Another day off :P

I should probably have started to study again today, as I actyually did take yesterday completely off – but I really wanted to meet up with a few of my friends and the weather was still pretty nice too. Bad start of the day, I did a test for work in the middle of my finals.. and my boss called me today telling me that I failed it 😦 On the bright side I had enough correct anwers to retake it in two weeks, but it’s still kind of lame to fail it. I focused on the right thing though – school. Even if I feel awfull for letting the people at work down it is more important that I did well on the oral finals.
Kind of decided there’s not really anything I can do about it now and have more or less moved on.
So I met up with Nicolai (he got the coolest guys name ever right? :P) for a walk in the Frogner Park. Wasn’t as warm as yesterday, but still pretty good. Walked arround for about 2-3 hours and just talked about everything and nothing, really nice to meet him again, had to cancel on a movie marathon with him and a few other friends because of the evil finals. After Nicolai left for Saltnes I went to Victoria and Chris’s place for this years first outdoors BBQ. We cheated a little bit as they have a heating lamp on their terrace, but hey details details we still sat outside in the sun having a BBQ and it was great. After we played the boardgame Besserwisser and the Xbox version of Risk. I just love playing Risk without having to keep track of all the miniatures and reinforcements myself, and the fact that I won the game was a huge bonus as well of course. I had the cutest army as well – cats 😀 SO! Tomorrow I will have to be a little more serious, have to do laundry so I have enough clothes for London and I should probably discuss planetickets for Shanghai with Irene and Cathrine as well.. oh and of course I should also study – sounds like so much fun.. *cough*


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