Setting the date

So I know when Im moving to China now – july 26th! Cathrine, Irene and me booked tickets just now. I am so excited about moving right now that I actually feel slightly nauciated! We got a pretty good price on the tickets as well, Finnair does this youth discout so we payed less than half the original price (good to remember people who might want to come visit me!). So if your younger than 25 years old, Finnair is very affordable (we payed about 3000 NOK from Oslo to Shanghai) and if your older its kind of expensive. Finnair is a pretty good airline as well, used them both times I went to Japan. Shanghai is getting more and more real every time we fix something or I get more information.. damn I can’t wait! I will miss everyone home in Norway (of course!), but it will also be brilliant to get to study abroad again 🙂 If Fudan decides to reject my application now (allthough they have never rejected any student BI nominated before)I will be really depressed, but we did of course get tickets we can unbook again just in case. I have some closer things to look forward to as well, I will be going to London with my friends from my old school UiO the day after tomorrow 😀 We are staying there for 5 days and I think it will be great. Staying at a dorm, but there’s 7 of us so whoever we are sharing with will most likely be the ones intimidated rather than us 🙂 Flying with Ryanair as well so it is definitely a budget vacation, but it’s still a vacation and Im really looking forward to it!


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