Leaving for London Tomorrow :)

I might not update my blog for a while, as I will be leaving for London tomorrow – yay!
Last time I was there I just had to rush through the city trying to find my train to Birmingham, so atually staying there will be a nice change. I have been on vacation in London before as well though, with my parents and my brother (Ida wasn’t born yet) and we did definitely have a nice time there. My parents did apparently have some trouble with their hotel though, wasn’t clean and the staff was pretty awfull to them – ended up with them changing hotels before I even got there, haha. Hope nothing like that happens to me and my friends when we go there now. We will be staying at a youth hostel, in a 14 person dorm.. but I still hope its clean, haha 🙂 Economicaly speaking this trip is the worst possible idea right now, as I have to save money for China and all, but getting to go on this trip with my awesome friends from the old Chinese class will most likely be 100% worth it. We have saved some money on staying at the dorm and also by flying with Ryanair as well, so as long as I manage to not spend too much on shopping I think I should be more or less fine. Expect one long long blog entry in about a week or so! 😀


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