Done with the application (at last!)

So today I went to school to fill out and hand in my application form to Fudan University in Shanghai. Yes I know I said I got in already, but what I should have said was BI agreed to nominate me already, hehe. Fudan has never rejected any student nominated by BI though, so I feel pretty confident that Im going to get in. The application forms to the language summer course and the one year course were both really long, and it took me over an hour to fill them out. I also needed a photo of myself and a copy of my passport. In the application they asked all sorts of things, a lot of it was contact info, but they also asked what languages I know, my religion, etc. When I had finally finished it all I managed to print out the wrong document, so I had two of the summer course form and no one year program form. Scary to imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t noticed, hehe. I ended up handing in the right forms about 10 minutes before the International Office closed, took a lot longer than I thouht. I need to study for my final in Consumer Behaviour today as well, so I guess I will have to use the evening for that.. bleh. Im happy to be done with the application forms though, and I also found “placement test” on the summer language course program. Thats awesome, as I have studied mandarin for a year already and kind of dont want to spend money on learning the basics all over again. Considered to just not take the course, but the placement test made me decide to take it 🙂


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