The weekend

This weekend has been pretty busy for me. Saturday started with a day working at the amusement park. It was quite a few guests at the park, 5 or 6 thousand I think they said, and with the new prices a lot of them wanted to take sky coaster as well. I think it’s more fun to work when there’s a lot of people at the rides though, time goes by faster 🙂
After work I went directly to Kajas place as she turned 23 may 1st (she always celebrates the night before). Petter, Jeanette and I got her a photo frame she has wanted to buy for a while now, but her boyfriend Stian hates it so she didn’t yet, hehe. Kaja loves us now and we got to make fun of Stian as well so it’s all good. The party was pretty cool, nice to meet Kajas other friends (That I now consider my friends as well, but I don’t meet without Kaja) again as well. Sunday it was back to work again, a lot less people there, but mum, dad and Ida was 3 of them so that was nice. Ida is the sweetest kid in the world, she had walked up to sky coaster directly after getting in to the park to see if I was there – that ride doesn’t open untill a little later though and I didnt really work there that day either, so she didnt find me. Poor little thing, I did meet them later on though, several times 🙂 Today I will have to study.. A LOT, and also fill out my applications for Fudan university with a copy of my passport, a picture of me, etc.. its like they want my whole life story in the application.


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