Information meeting

Today there was another information meeting about next semester, but this time with representatives from the BI Liasion Office at Fudan and it was all in english (because “we are international” and two of the representatives were chinese). A lot of the information was things we have heard about in writing already, but we got some new info as well. Basicly their advice to us was to take the summer course and take chinese seriously, live close to school and attend field trips and meetings. Apprently some real estate agent fooled most of the students living there now into paying a too high deposit and possibly too much rent as well, so they warned us about that too. I think Cathrine, Irene and I will be fine though, Irenes mum is following us to Shanghai to help us out and everything. Going to events and field trips and such I will obviously try to do, as its a good way to network. As for the chinese, I already had every intention of taking it seriously so no problem there. The 3 students from Drammen came to Oslo for the information meeting though that was pretty cool, they all seem nice. I still find it hard to belive that I am actually going to live in Shanghai, it looks so modern it’s almost unreal in some of the pictures.. haha. It gets more and more real though, now I have handed in the last applications, I have info about the visa and a written confirmation to show the national student loan fund. I can’t help feeling as if this is the start of an adventure, and hey it probably is. (this song is awesome for that feeling :P)

After the information meeting it was up to the library to look for a free seat. The big quiet section was filled up, but I found a spot in the small even more quiet section. In this part of the library you not only have to be quiet, you can’t use your computer or eat either. Sitting there actually made me study pretty effective though and I read a little more than 100 pages in 3-4 hours. Eventually I just got too hungry though, and as Im broke after the London trip that ment going home to eat :P. I did get a free burn from some people trying to sell telephones though, so that kept me going for a little while at least ^^


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