So yeah.. anohter awesome day of preparing for the finals. Got one tomorrow in Consumer Behaviour, should probably be really nervous right now but somehow Im not. Im just tired of studying and have a hard time finding my motivation. Guess my trip to London gave me a taste of life outside of the library, hehe. I hardly think I will fail even if I dont study anymore today, but obviously I want to do well so I guess its time to memorize important models and facts.. yawn. On the bright side when Im done with this one I just have two more finals left, and then I will just have Tusenfryd and preparing for Shanghai left to worry about. And HEY not that long untill Im going to Iceland with my family, that will be awesome as well. Anyways it is time to draw the consumer decision making process over and over again untill I can do it from memory.. yaaay! But before I do I feel like linking a nice song (or well it is actually a cover) featuring one of my favorite bands, I Fight Dragons:

2 responses to “Yawn

  1. Thanks, hey I remembered Maslows need hierarchy on the first try at least ^^

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