Sometimes I feel lonely, just because I live on my own. The appartment is just so quiet and empty. Listening to music and watching series sometimes help, sometimes it doesnt.. when the song ends or the show is over the quiet is till there.
I think I feel like this right now because I went on that trip to London and lived in a 14 person dorm for 5 days, to then go back home and study on my own more or less all the time. Studying at home, studying at school, doesnt really matter as none of my friends were taking the subject my final yesterday was on. I am done with that final now though, and my brother is coming over later. He and I will go to my friend Victorias place for dinner and then he will stay here untill tomorrow. I think I really need some social time right now, can’t deal with this quiet and empty appartment anymore, makes me feel too sad and alone. I have to study for the next final as well, and do a case and a digital test, but I will still have time for that after the weekend and right now I just have to meet people before I go insane.


2 responses to “Quiet..

  1. If you need someone you can contract me whenever you like!

  2. thanks 🙂

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