Not so quiet anymore :)

Yesterday I was kind of sick of studying on my own in my quiet appartment so I met up with my brother, Ludvig, and we went to my friends Victoria and Chris. We stayed there for ages, just eating pizza, watching TV, playing Risk on their xbox. Me and Ludvig went back to my place arround 3 AM (the last round of Risk took ages) and stayed up talking for some time. In the morning it was back to Tusenfryd. Because Ludvig started earlier and we wanted to take the bus together I voluntered for helping out with building a small stage. Im not really the strongest person in the world, so I was unsure if I was the right person for the job and felt kind of out of place. It was actually quite ok though, pretty easy money. It was still nice when I got to go work at Sky Coaster though and do something I know how to do already rather than ask questions every 3 mins. It wasnt all that crowded in the park in general today, but we actually had quite a few flights. I still think it’s the new group discounts that makes people more positive this season 🙂 Now Im supertired and Im kind off considering to just go to sleep right away.. probably a good idea to have some dinner first at least though, hehe.


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