Goooood morning!

Thanks to my own uselessness and lazyness I ended up doing my assignment in Consumer Behaviour tonight.. the only sleep I got was a powernap from 3.30 to 4.30, the rest of the night I spendt trying to finish the assignment on time. I think I should have enough to not fail it now, have the amount of pages needed and I used the textbook theory all the way.. This was not how I planned to do this, I was going to use several weeks thinking it over and writing it, finishing last minute like this probably made the assignment a lot worse, and it also really sucked to be up all night writing it after working 4 hours at Tusenfryd. Now Im kind of just waiting for school to open so I can go hand in the assignment, then I want to sleep for a couple of hours before doing the digital test for Buiness to Business, that I have also kind of had a lot of time on but didnt do yet. I have to start planning my time better so I avoid crap like this 😦


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