Iceland day 1 – The Blue Lagoon

Today I went to Iceland with my family and so far I just love it here. The trip started with possibly the nicest planeride I have ever been on. We had our own touch screens, free drinks and tons of extra stuff for my little sister. All of this for a 2 hour flight, I think Im using Iceland air if I ever decide to go to America as well, hehe. At the airport we met up with the people we will be staying with, Sigga and her husband that I forgot the name of. They were great too, took our luggage to the guest house while we took the rental car (that they had also gotten for us) to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon, needless to say, was definitely a pretty unique experience. The air temperature in Iceland now is at about 7 degrees while the water was at least 30, if not even warmer. I can only imagine how weird it must be in the winter, hehe. We stayed in The Blue Lagoon untill it closed before we headed back to the guest house. Sigga and her husband met us and showed us the rooms, I really like it here. We got a free wifi, a jacuzzi, a kitchen and well yeah.. everything we need 🙂 Sigga actually talks almost norwegian. In Iceland everyone learns danish, but they pronounce it like norwegians would have – so when they talk “scandinavian” as they like to call it it’s a mix between danish and norwegian (at least thats what it sounds like to me) and quite easy to understand. We are going to check out central Reykjavik and then maybe go for a drive tomorrow – as we got free internet and theres not that much to do arround the guest house in the evening I will most likely be updating my blog a lot ^^


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