Iceland day 2 – Reykjavik

Day two here in Iceland started with a very nice breakfast at the guest house with some of the other people going to the same seminar as my parents. Then we went to meet a guy called Bjarki. We are going on a trip that he is arranging tomorrow into the wild so we just wanted to say hello and find out where to show up tomorrow morning. Bjarki was a really nice and very social guy, so we ended up having cofee. He also showed us arround a bit and told us where to find a convinience store, etc. Then we went to central Reykjavik. The city isn’t really all that big, but the nature surrounding it is really beautifull. We also went to Hallgrímskirkja, that is a rather new church. The wiew from the top tower was pretty awesome. My parents friend recommended a guided tour at the culture house. The tour was pretty interesting, as Icelands history also includes Norway every now and then. The vikings moved to Iceland from Norway and Iceland has also been under us at some point. We got to have a look at some of the oldest books found in Iceland, written on calf skin The guide was really awesome as well. In the evening we had dinner at Perla (the pearl). Perla is the tallest point in Reykjavik and it is also where all the hot water they use is gathered in huge tanks. At the top of these tanks there is a restaurant overlooking the entire city, the wiew is amazing. The tables actually rotate slowly as well so the wiew changed as we sat there eating. The food tasted great too, so it was definitely a nice dinner. Tomorrow we are going on that trip into the wild, so that will be awesome too 😀


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