Iceland day 3 – Into the wild

Today we went on a daytrip with a man from Iceland called Bjarki. Several of the others from my parents congress was there as well. We went into the Icelandic nature with a special 4 wheels bus that can drive places a car just simply can’t. Our first stop was by a huge waterfall that we could also walk behind and make a wish, it was pretty cool. We also saw the bottom of Eyjafjallajökull (the volcano that caused all the problems with the air traffic last year), but we couldn’t go any further up, as there was a snowstorm up there. We had to go with plan B, but that was actually a pretty awesome trip as well. We went deep into a canyon. At the very end of the canyon there was a small cave with a waterfall inside. It was a pretty magical place, the light and the rock formations combined with the waterfall was just briliant. Really nice day, but it will be nice to drive our own car tomorrow. Bjarki was a brilliant guide and most of the others were really really nice, but some of the Germans simply used way too much time – Bjarki said to meet at 2.30 and they would be back arround 3.30 and so on. Got two more photos I want to show you guys – the left is me in front of Eyjafjallajökull and the right one is me in the waterfall cave (both stolen from my dad, hehe)


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