Iceland day 4 – more nature + a pub in Reykjavik

Today we went into the Icelandic nature on our own. We went to one of the places where you can see the boder between the European and the American land masses, it was pretty cool . Then we went to a huge waterfall called Gullfoss or something like that, it was huge anyhow – really beautifull. After the waterfall it was time to see some geysirs. Not all of the geysirs in the area we went to are still active, but Strokkur can still be as tall as 25-3o meters. It was really awesome to see this unique nature phenomenon up close. In the evening me and my brother decided to go back to Reykjavik and check out the nightlife. The city seemed pretty dead, but we found a sports bar that was pretty nice. It was only about 5 people there, but the guy working at the bar was really cool and we met 3 other guys from Reykjavik as well. We got a free shot of icelandic “brennevin” that was actually pretty strong – apparentlu it is like norwegian akeitt only without the extra apple flavor according to the icelandic dudes. Definitely a great day and a great evening as well 🙂


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