Still in Iceland..

You probably all know, but yesterday there was another eruption here in Iceland. This time it was Grimsvötn apparently. It is located pretty far away from Koppavogur wich is where Im staying, but obviously the air traffic is closed for now so Im stuck here. The ash cloud from the vulcano is real close to Koppavogur and tomorrow the area might be covered in ashes when I wake up. Im not in any danger though, so I don’t want anyone to worry about me, worst case scenario there is a boat leaving for Denmark this thursday we can probably take. My only issue with that is my final in Business to Business marketing that is also this thursday – I guess an eruption should qualify as a valid reason for not making it though. We decided to go to the Blue Lagoon wich is close to the airport and see what happened. This morning everything seemed really normal – the sun was up and there was hardly even any clouds. The Blue Lagoon was beautifull in the sun, rather crowded though as people had taken the bus there from the airport. We’re the lucky ones, Sigga (that owns this guesthouse) has kept us updated on everything that has been happening all along, and the first thing she said about the eruption was “We might have to adopt you, you might have to stay here”, so we have a place to stay and everything. On our way home we saw the ash clouds, my dad didn’t even belive me at first and he said it was probably just rain or something – but I knew it was the wrong color, hehe. I can see it on the outside of my window now, looks like fog, but a slightly more black color. I don’t even know how to react to this kind of thing, but as long as there’s no danger I guess it’s actually a pretty unique and interesting experience – Im really curious about how everything will look tomorrow morning, hehe.


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