oh dear..

My brother decided to go to a norwegian newspaper and tell them about the situation beeing stuck here in Iceland with our finals and everything.. I figured they might make it a small article somewhere in the newspaper, but it is now a headline and it is on the top of their webpage. For those of you that understand norwegian you can find the actual article here. Im not sure how I feel about this getting that much attention to be honest, after all the real victims here are the farmers that live close to the actual eruption, not us. Got an e-mail from school shortly after the article got out saying that I can take the final at the first oppertunity after Im home in Norway again, so at least it did some good I guess. A lot of people are throwing us mean comments about how we can just take a boat, take the final later on and stuff like that. And I can understand that they feel that the focus in the media is wrong when they post this rather than talk about the farmers or something like that, but we really did not mean any harm at all and we had no idea this would be on the frontpage. It actually looks good for us now, they are most likely opening up the airport again this evening and we’re on a flight to Bergen in the morning 🙂


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