Home sweet home!

We were all rather ancious this morning, wondering if our new plane would be able to take off. When the guesthouse’s owners gave us all souvenirs and goodbye hugs we figured that was most likely a really good sign though (sunday they basicly said “yeah we’ll drive your luggage to the airport if you find out that you can leave today, but we doubt it – just go to the Blue Lagoon”). We got a lift to the airport and to everyones relief the plane was still on “confirmed”. The plane took off and the clouds outside of the window where pearly white and didn’t look dangerous whatsoever 😀 We made it all the way to Bergen and then to Oslo with no issues. One thing that was actually rather sad though was that when I landed in Iceland I got stopped by the lady waiting first in line to take the plane back to Reykjavik. She looked really really upset and scared, and she asked me if I had been in Iceland during the eruption. She lived in Reykjavik as it turned out and I was very happy to be able to tell her that there was no megathick layer of dangerous ash there. Apparently the media must have given everyone in Norway at least the wrong picture of this disaster. Just so everybody knows: The eruption was awfull, but NOT in all of Iceland. In Reykjavik and Koppavogur all we noticed was a funky ash cloud and then a really thin (almost invisible) layer of ash on the cars in the morning. Everyone in Iceland have been nothing but kind and helpfull to us, especially the people running the guesthouse – Sigga and Tolli.I hope people will keep on visiting the country even if there are 139 vulcanos in it. I have never experienced nature this unique before either, with the geysirs, the vulcanos and the hot springs. It is a beautifull country, but I guess it’s not 100% tamed 🙂 It was a great trip, even if it lasted two days longer than planned. Tomorrow I will just have to study my ass off I guess and hope I can pass my final.


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