Obviously the last few says have been rather stressfull for me. I have been stuck in an ashcloud for two days, wondering wether I would even make it home to finish the finals and how serious it would really be. Flying home while knowing we were most likely close to the ash was rather scary as well to be prefectly honest, but it’s not as if I had any choice, I had to make it back in time for B2B. Then yesterday I studied all day, trying to at least be able to pass the final I had today while all I really wanted to do was reload after the whole vulcano thing. I don’t feel as if the final went good at all. I can blame the vulcano and the stress all I want, but I guess it’s my own fault for not studying more evenly all semester.. my style is the whole.. panic attack the last few days thing, and it normally works out pretty ok. Didn’t count on Grimsvötn having an eruption though, even if I guess the odds of being stuck due to an eruption must be higher in Iceland than anywhere else in the world. And yes, I realise it is selfish to feel sorry for myself when farmers close to the eruption have lost their animals and stuff, Im just feeling frustrated after the final. Right now Im just really tired and angry with the whole thing.. apparently most of my friends had a pretty hard time with the final as well, everyone I have talked to felt unprepared and were surprised with the questions we got. Everyone seemed really tired and we all made terrible jokes that everyone actually laughed at all day yesterday and all morning today (because we were all so tired). I can’t do anything about the B2B final now though I guess and I all I can do is move on. There is another final in 4 days, and this one is on practical economics and management.. so yeah, I will need a lot of luck and hard work if Im going to have any chance at passing it at all I guess.. on the bright side that is the last final, and two months from now Im on the plane to Shanghai :O


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