Facing my fear – numbers!

Today I decided I had no chance whatsoever of understanding this practical economics business on my own, so I studied together with my friends. Yesterday I had more or less given up on this entire final all together and I was still kind of down this morning. Studying with Yong, Nina and Cathrine actually helped quite a lot though – we got thorough the trial exam twice, I undestood more or less all of it – now I just have to remember it (and tons of other stuff) and pray I get something I can at least partly understand tomorrow.. hopefully it’s ok that I pray even if I am not a christian.. hm.. yeah it has to be! 😛 Our humor today was even worse than all the other times we have been studying too long at school.. we even came up with “Fear Factor – the BI edition”.. our fear was doing ABC budgets and technical budgets, but caffeine, Yong actually understanding it and more caffeine made it all ok ^^ I stayed at school for about 8 and a half hours.. I simply cant stay as long when it’s economics.. I get too upset when I don’t understand things, even if I get the right answer and everything, haha. Now I have taken a break and I guess I will have to study at least a little more before going to sleep. Anyways – I have a slightly better feeling about this today than I had yesterday.. my new goal is now a D, but Im happy as long as I pass to be perfectly honest.


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