Done! :D

I am finally done with all of the final exams! 😀
The last one I have been worried sick about for at least a week now, as it was on practical economics and management. Everything with calculations is normally impossible for me, but today I feel as if I might actually have done ok. The final itself was almost the same as the trial exam that we have been working a lot on the last few days, so I knew more or less how to solve all of the problems – what a relief, I was sure I would fail untill I saw the actual test! The final even had true/false questions in it.. not too hard at all. Ah well, maybe Im wrong, maybe I failed, but I think I should have passed (heard you just need like 30% correct so I don’t see how I can possibly have failed).. that means I will have enough credits to go to Shanghai and that is actually in less than two months, damn thats weird to think about – but also really cool!


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