Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty crazy. Friday you already read about, the rest of the weekend at work I was kind of in charge of the pool area and the other poolguards working there. It was most of the others first days as poolguards and also the opening of the pool area this season so I was a little stressed out about it to be honest. Saturday when I opened the gates the guests actually raced eachother to get to the sun chairs.. thats how crowded it was. Somehow nothing big really happened even with that many guests though and all the new poolguards did really well. After work I met up with Ludvig (my brother) and went to Victorias place as she was having a party. It was great fun even if a lot of people canceled and we even played some Risk 🙂 Today it was back to work again – the weather was nice, but not AS nice as yesterday so we didnt have a lot to do (or perhaps we were just used to having more to do after yesterday). In the end we decided we didnt need to be all of us there. When I told the bosses about this I ended up leaving for Sky Coaster (shock) to help train one of the new guys working there this season. This was actually a pretty slack job as the new people who work there need supervision for quite some time at each task even after they have understood what to do. After work I had about 1 hour at home before heading out again, this time to watch another movie with The Shadow Project. I got to say Im impressed with X-men First Class, I loved the storyline, the effects, the humor, just everything – awesome movie. You dont have to have seen the other three to understand whats going on either as it is a prequel. After we got out we saw the line to buy tickets for Harry Potter – people are sleeping in tents and everything, not very long line yet, but a few of them are already there. Apparently you can’t leave the line for longer than one hour and you HAVE TO say that you are going, you can’t smoke.. etc etc. Seems pretty harsh just to get to see it first 😛 But I guess some people like this kind of thing as well, hehe.


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