Random update

So yeah, I didn’t blog for a while.. nothing much to blog about though. I have mostly just been working. Today was a rainy day with hardly any people in the park so I ended up in charge of three rides. It actually worked pretty ok, I felt a little lonely at times tho when there was no guests or employees in the entire area other than me. I got kind of hungry because I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning and my lunch was kind of late (3).. but hey that was my own fault for oversleeping. The few guests that wanted to take my rides were all real nice and they respected all of the safety regulations, like they understood the smaller kids had to go together with an adult, etc. And yeah stuff like that is what my life has been all about lately, thypical summer for me. The day isn’t over yet though, going to meet up with JJ later on and go eat at Max Burger, wehei! 🙂 Tomorrow the park is closed so I am considering to go to the chinese embassy and apply for my visa.. yeah, not much else to say really 🙂


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