"Sober" for 24 hours!

Im trying (again) to quit cola, starting today. It was starting to get out of hand when I went to the store just to buy cola, and this was pretty late in the evening as well. I generally buy at least 2 small bottles of cola every single day at work, then I most likely have a big bottle at home as well – can’t be good for me at all. Generally if I don’t drink any caffeine I get headaches and feel super tired (wich is bad), but I have decided to at least try and switch to cofee for now – after all its not AS unhealthy as all the cola, and the cofee at work is free so I will save about 30 kr every day I work – thats about 150 kr a week.. not that much, but this is a whole summer so there are a lot of weeks! Last time I quit cola it lasted for about 1 month, lets see if I can do better this time, hehe. The last cola I drank was yesterday arround 23.00, so that means I have been “sober” for 24 hours – at least it’s a start right? Wish me luck!


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