Worketi work

Still working more or less all the time – today was a rather long day, almost 11 hours in total. Had my normal shift first and then somebody had rented the park so some of us stayed for a few hours longer. Because I basicly had nothing to do between the two shifts I got to pick trash – A LOT of trash. At least I didnt have to work alone, me and Mariann (from work) actually spendt 2 hours on trash picking :S Seriously why cant people just throw it in one of the hundred trashcans rather than UNDER our rides? Ah well, more cash for me ^^ Oh AND the third day without cola today. Had a bit too much cofee though and we got to take a few rounds in SpinSpider while waiting on the next shift as well, so now I feel pretty bad.. I hope its just all the cofee and not something more =/


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