Day off :)

So like I said yesterday, Tusenfryd was closed today and I was determined to actually do something usefull. Alltho I will need my passport for Holland in less than a week I decided to go to the Chinese Embassy and see if they had an express visa solution so I could fix it before leaving. My classmate Thomas tagged along as well. As it turned out none of us could actually hand in our application tho – as he didnt bring a passport photo and they said they didnt do the express visa right now (even if it said on several signs and also on the actual application that you could pay a fee to get it quicker.. ah well).. at least now we know where it is and have the applications ready right?

A little later i met up with Nicolai and his friend from Australia downtown and then went to Hannah and Emils place for dinner. It was Nicolai, Guro, Hannah, Emil, the australian girl (damn I hate to forget names and she was so nice as well.. =/ ), Rolf and me. They had made awesome taco for everyone, tasted great. Hannah breeds hamsters and one of them was actually giving birth while we were there.. damn hamsterbabys are tiny.. and pink Oo and cuute 🙂
Somehow we ended up watching the second pokemon movie, wich was kind of well.. yeah so bad it was funny. Best part was:

“why are they here?”
“to see if they can help.”
“but what can they do?”
“they don’t know, thats why they are here.”

um yeah cause that makes sense..

Apparently Nicolai and Guro play pokemon cards quite a lot as well, Hannah has them too.. they even gave me some cards, perhaps its time to become a pokemon fanatic? After the movie we played some wii, great fun even if Im still pretty bad at the wii version of Mario Cart 😛 Tomorrow I will be working very late, as someone rented the park again – more money for China ^^


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