Back to work

Another saturday another day at Tusenfryd. Today I decided to bring my camera – just because I didn’t bring it to work yet this season. Worked at sky coaster today and at the beginning of the day we didn’t really have that many guests so we tried to fly to attract customers.. first I tested it then both Kirsten and Oda did promo flights, so we got quite a few nice pictures 🙂 Another awesome thing is that we now have a new wireless phone that we can bring up to the actual ride, rahter than the old one we have down by the cash registry area. Eventually all our fake screaming did attract a good wave of customers, and noone got sendt home – happy ending! 🙂

After my normal shift I had agreed to work at an event (as in someone had rented the park and also some rides we needed to operate), but in the end Intern Service needed help, so I got to work there instead. Cool to try something completely new for a change.


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