More work (department meeting)

thats right its another blog entry about my job – but hey the next one will most likely be about my trip to the Netherlands (I leave in 2 days).
Anyways, today I worked at the pool area and it was a really slow day so it was pretty slack, hehe. After work I had well.. more work 😛 We had a meeting for all of us working at the rides department. First we took spaceshot (thats the tower ride in the middle of all of the photos) and ate pizza then we discussed numbers, rules, etc. We also had a few awards – employee of the month and winners of the 4 truths, etc. Im pretty surprised, but I actually got an award myself as well. I won the best at interaction (best translation I can find but it means Im easy to work with basicly) – yay 🙂
Then we had a poolguard meeting and then a sky coaster meeting so yeah long evening for those of us working those places, but those last two didnt really take all that long. Anyways Im just working one more day, then Im off to Holland, not sure if I will be blogging from there or just blog about it when I get home – think it will be a lot of fun, meeting quite a few people I know down there 🙂


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