The Netherlands part 1

So I didn’t blog for a while, as I was on vacation in the Netherlands, the land of windmills, drugs, bikes,cheese, canals and so much more! 🙂
A bunch of us from World of Warcraft (also known as the guild Bloodline) wanted to meet up and we decided on the Netherlands as quite a few of us live there. I met up with another norwegian, Josefine, in Oslo first. We met a little too early and just had cofee and talked and stuff before we took the plane. She was actually really nice and it was great to get to meet her first. We took the plane to Amsterdam where we met Søren from Denmark. The three of us stayed for one night before going to Groningen as our planes landed a bit late to take the train even further. We didnt have much time in Amsterdam, but at least we got to check out the nightlife. It was pretty special how obviously people were doing drugs, my impression was that the whole city smelled like it, not to mention the red light district, thats just not how it is at home.. at all!
We were going to see some more of the city the next day, but we didn’t find anywhere to put our luggage as the lockers at Amsterdam Central station were broken and just accepted dutch creditcards, so we didnt do much before our train left. The actual gathering was a bit outside of central Groningen in a house we rented at a campsite. It was loads of fun to meet up with everyone, kind of weird as well as I have talked to most of them for a long time, just never actually met with them. Mostly we just talked, ate, drank and played cards – but that was actually really nice. The highlights for me was when we went to the playground in the middle of the night and when we made the guys cook dinner for us. Everyone was really nice and Im kind of sad that I won’t be playing with them anymore (as I have more or less quit the game now that Im going to move to China and everything), ah well I will just have to try and stay in touch somehow. I left the gathering a little early to go stay at my friend Rob’s place in Utrecht, and the others all followed me to the car – making him promise to get me home safe, kind of sweet of them. Will write about the rest of my trip in the next blog entry, laters.


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