The Netherlands part 2

After I left Groningen I had 3 more days in The Netherlands. I got to stay with my friend Rob and his family in Utrecht, they were all really nice 🙂
The first day we spendt on going to an amusement park (surprised?) called Walibi. Harm (another friend that lives in the area) tagged along as well. It was actually a pretty cool park, they had 6 big rollercoasters, their own version of a sky coaster and several other rides that we took. After the park closed we went to Harms place for a few drinks, somehow we ended up playing cards with several members of his family as well – was so much fun we forgot the time and stayed for quite some time. We got back to Rob’s place so late we didnt even meet his dad and stephmother.

The next day we spendt in Utrecht and the surrounding area. first Harm and Rob showed me arround in central utrecht. Nice city with quite a few canals, a tall tall tower, beautifull church, etc. They also had a pretty cool sign outside of the central station pointing to several citys in europe, including Oslo 🙂 After we had walked arround for a while I got to try some local food – Broodje Mario. Some kind of sandwich-ish thing that they only have in Utrecht, tasted really good actually. As it turned out there is also a really awesome castle just outside of Utrecht from the 14th century called de Haar. I really liked it there, we just missed the last guided tour inside of the castle, but the outside looked awesome too so it was allright. In the evening we went back to Harms place again to say goodbye before we went back and had dinner with Robs dad and stephmum. Apparently they really liked me and wanted to see me before I left again too, that was kind of sweet 🙂 BBQ out in the sun really is nice, and we just made it before a huge thunderstorm came. Bad weather never stopped me though and Rob and I went back to Utrecht in the evening to see a movie.

My last day in the Netherlands Rob and I went back to Amsterdam so I would have some more time to actually see the city. We walked arround for a bit looking at buildings and stuff like that and then we went on a canalcruise.. damn there are many canals in that city, its insane! After the cruise Rob helped me to find one of the very few things I remember from the last time I went to Amsterdam – a pancakehouse that looked like a carousel. I was 5 back then and it ment a lot to me to be able to go back to the same place and see if it was like I remembered – and hey it was still there! 🙂 I even ordered the same pancake – with stawberries and cream.
In the evening it was time to go back to Oslo again, wich was actually very sad as we had made really good friends. Nothing to do about it though I have work and then China so off I went, Rob took me to the airport and then we said goodbye. My plane was actually delayed by arround 45 mins because of a KLM plane blocking it, so that was kind of annoying – especially since it was originally leaving really late. We landed 15 minutes before midnight and I was lucky enough to find a bus to Oslo right away. Got home arround 1.30 in the morning, tired as hell, hehe. Thank god I didnt have a shift today, would have been terrible – am working tomorrow though, but that will be fine 🙂


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