Sorry for not blogging, had a few days off and decided to make the most of them so didn’t have a lot of time. The 6th I actually went to Tusenfryd even if it was my day off, because I had won some stuff I had to spend before moving to China. I gave the free entrance pass and the gift certificate for sky coaster to Victoria and Ludvig tagged along as well. The three of us had a great time in the park, and Im so proud of Victoria for taking Sky Coaster, she is terrified of heights. The diving show this season is pretty cool as well, they are doing a pirate theme and it has more of a storyline than it had earlier. After Tusenfryd I had dinner with Victoria and Chris and we watched TV for quite some time before I went home kind of late. Yesterday we decided on a trip to buy cheap stuff in Sweden. I don’t really need a whole lot of food in my freezer and stuff as I will be moving in about two weeks, but I figured candy is always nice, and some food at least if not tons. Besides, whats more norwegian than driving across the border to Sweden to buy cheap stuff? I even found some new clothes even if I know I probably shouldnt have.. but honestly I am sick of my whole “I wont buy anything before China” thing and I really needed some new tops. Found a kind of cool dress for my goodbye party as well 😀
When I got home from Sweden I had about 30 mins at home to put everything in the fridge before heading downtown to meet up with Kaja. The two of us had cofee,bought shoes and hanged out at Oslo City. I found a new suitcase for China as well- my old one broke when the plane landed in Bergen some weeks ago. The new suitcase was a bit more expensive, but I want one that will last for a while so I decided it was worth it. Its also green (not black as everyone elses) so I will recognize it at the baggage claim! 😀 Oh and one last thing (yeah realise all this talk about my suitcase might be boring, but I love it :P): it has a really cool code lock that the customs have a universal key for, so if they have to open my suitcase they dont have to wreck it, and my stuff is still safe inside.
Today it was work again, and I had to go to the Chinese embassy before I started to pick up my visa. I was pretty stressed out and managed to step on some broken glass that was somehow on my floor – always vacum when I break something, but I guess not good enough. I thought I got the glass out, but I was really stressed so didnt use enough time on it I guess. I got my visa anyways, so thats good 🙂 Work wasn’t too stressfull and Kim Tomas was nice enough to remove the rest of the glass from my heel, so now it should be allright in a few days time or so. Tomorrow the plan is to go over all my clothes and decide on what to give away, what to bring to China and what to ask my parents to send to China.


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