Yesterday a bunch of us from work rented a bus and went to our friendship park in Gothenborg – Liseberg. It’s always awesome to go there, get in for free and then get a VIP bracelet so I can take all the rides for free, just because I work at Tusenfryd 🙂
I woke up 5.50 in the morning, realising I had overslept. Had to get ready in 10 minutes and then run to the bus to make it to Tusenfryd on time. It was a 4 hours drive to Gothenborg so we had to get an early start in order to have any time there at all. Liseberg’s new ride this season is a freaking tall tower (109 meters or something) – they take you all the way to the top, then drop you for about 90 meters or so, apparently the tallest freefall in all of Europe. When we got to the park we decided to go straight for the tower, Atmosfear, to avoid a long line. The plan worked and we only had to wait for about 10 mins. I really loved Atmosfear, if it had been up to me I would have stayed there all day and taken it over and over again, but we took it twice in a row at least. When they drop you you actually hover in your seat, amazing feeling. The other rides were of course nice as well tho, especially the ghost house. Liseberg has really gone all out with it and there are actors inside scaring you and everything – Im always scared to death of going there, but I always have fun when I do.
On our way home we got delayed pretty bad due to terrible traffic as a result of what looked like a pretty nasty accident. We lost the last bus to Oslo from Tusenfryd, but Leif was nice enough to drive us to Mastemyr so we could catch another bus to Oslo there – so we all got home safely. It was a very long but pretty cool day 🙂


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