Coffee and even more cleaning :P

Yesterday I grabbed some coffee with Kaja downtown and I realised that
when I thought it was just the people I would miss I was wrong. I will actually miss the city of Oslo itself as well, hehe. Sure its not the largest capitol in the world, or the cheapest, or the cleanest.. but it’s still home and I will miss Karl Johans gate, having cofee at Egons close to the central station, Aker Brygge, the Oslo Fjord and Frognerparken. Oslo is a great city to live in! 🙂
So like I said I had cofee with Kaja, and breakfast and lunch.. we were downtown for almost 6 hours. And yes I still think it’s the people I will miss the most, even if I will also miss Oslo. Kaja and I have been friends for a long time now and I will definitely miss her a lot. Our friendship did survive my trip to Japan though and she said she would come visit me in China if she can afford it.
After hanging out in Oslo I had to get some more cleaning done, and Victoria came over to help me out. That’s another person I will really miss a lot while Im gone. We have been friends since I was 2 and she was well.. born, and she is my mothers cousin so we sort of grew up together. She also says she will try to come visit me though 🙂
I know they will both be here when I get back to Norway, but I will really miss them a lot while Im gone. Not being able to simply call and ask if they want to hang out, grab cofee, play xbox risk, ask them for help when I mess up at whatever, invite eachother over for dinner.. They are always there for me and I will really miss having them arround. That goes for all of my other friends as well of course!
This beeing said, I am still really psyched about moving to China! Im so excited about living in Shanghai it almost hurts. It is such a huge city and the culture is so different from what Im used to, going to be a great adventure and it starts in less than a week! Thanks to Victoria helping out and us beeing pretty effective I am hoping we will be done with cleaning up the appartment this evening, so the last days I can focus on saying goodbye to everyone like I wanted 🙂


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