This entry probably wont make any sense to anyone, but I need some sort of outlet right now to just write about some feelings and stuff. There was an explosion today downtown – they don’t know if its terrorism or not yet, but its likely.. nothing happens here ever, it’s completely unreal to me to watch the news and know it’s all 15 minutes from here. I am fine though, just in shock – I was far enough away. I actually heard the explosion though, was at my grandmother place with my grandparents, my brother, uncle and cousin.. we thought it was just thunder or something like that. To make things worse, some maniac with a machine gun went cray at the labour party’s youth camp at Utøya. Who would want to hurt Norway? I have no idea.. it was in the government quarters and then at that youth camp – if their connected can it be political activists? who knows.. I really dont. And now their saying

“Norway on allert, Norway under attack”

on CNN.. this is just a complete nightmare.. really. I guess all I can do is light a candle for the victims of this tradgedy and hope there wont be another explosion. My friend from the Netherlands, Rob, is on his way to Norway now as well – Im not supposed tgo go outside and the traffic is affected as well so he will just have to get on the first bus on his own. Ludvig cant get home either or we dont want him to travel thorough the city centre right now.. its all so messed up never thought anything like this would happen to Norway ever.


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