A new beginning

So this is crazy – I am now sitting at the hotel in central Shanghai – the biggest city in China! Even crazier.. not going home for a while. The wiew is like a huge christmas tree – sooo many lights! Anyways, I would like to tell you about the trip down here and the first day! 🙂

The morning of the 26th of july started out with some last minute cleaning – packing the last load of laundry and stuff. Victoria came over to help out and also to say goodbye. My parents and Ludvig came to pick me up and in the end we decided Victoria should come to the airport with us as well. Ludvig was really upset – as he lost one of his friends at Utøya in the terrorism attack and I felt really bad for leaving him, but at least talking about playing RISK put a smile on his face for a little while. Hope he will be allright. We went to Gardemoen and met Irene and Cathrine (my future room matets) with their friends and family as well – was a lot of really hard goodbyes for all 3 of us – Irene didn’t leave everyone at home though, her mother is here with us now to help us out finding a place to stay and all that. After a short stop in Helsinki we moved on to the longer part of our trip down to Shanghai. On the way we met up with another guy from our class here in China that stays at our hotel as well – Alf. The plane was pretty fancy and we had our own tiny screens that we controlled and everything, food wasn’t too bad either – the kids in front of Cathrine and me kind of annoyed us though, put their seats all the way to the back even if they weren’t even sleeping all the time, etc. With so little space it was impossible for me to get any sleep at all – hard enough for me on planes as it is. Watched 3-4 movies, failed at falling asleep, listened to music and played on my DS most of the flight that lasted for about 8 and a half hours. It wasn’t too bad really 🙂
We landed about 7.30 AM local time and arrived at a not too crowded airport. The security checks wen’t smooth and quick – no lines or anything, probably because we landed so early. As you can see in this picture I was tired, but very happy when I arrived:

We decided to take taxis to the hotel so we wouldn’t have to stress with it and try to find our way with all of the luggage (the other two girls actually had two big suitcases each). The trip to our hotel was an adventure in itself, at least for Cathrine and me (we were sharing a taxi). The driver was listening to really loud chinese techno music, sometimes singing along. I didn’t mind that too much as it reminded me of J-pop. What I did mind was how he all of a sudden didn’t know the way anymore, demanded that we called someone and didn’t listen when we tried to read the adress to him. Cathrine succeded on her third try of showing him the road though, but somehow we were now stuck in traffic. Mr taxidriver didn’t mind that at all though, gave him time for a quick smoke 🙂 We finally made it to our hotel in the end and met up with the rest, what a relief! I got to start remembering more of my chinese, really.. maybe it would have helped us a bit. It was still early, so we decided on sleeping for about 3 hours befor going out again to fix a few things. When we went out again a little later the heat was pretty insane, apparently at arround 33 or 34 degrees, but the air is so humid you notice a lot more here. We walked arround a bit, ate and got simcards for our phones, poweradaptors, subway keycards, etc. My first impression of Shanghai is that is a BIG BIG BIG city, and its also really cool 🙂 Best wiew today was of the TVtower and the buildings arround it, but the city in general looks so modern and clean and just.. different from what Im used to 🙂

Anyways that’s Shanghai so far – will blog more later, not sure if I will be able to use the internet everyday though as it costs money. Facebook appears blocked as well, so I won’t be able to link this post there, but hey at least the ones of you that follow me can read it.

Love from Shanghai! 🙂


One response to “A new beginning

  1. Ååå.. Så kos å høre fra deg. Høres ut som litt av et eventyr allerede dette her 🙂 Byggningene ser jo nesten uvirkelige ut. Dere får internett når dere flytter, ikkesant? Funker forresten skype i Kina?

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