Things falling into place

So I found the best internet arround – at starbucks! 🙂 We get to use it for free if we buy something and it’s right across the street from our hotel. The connection is about a million times faster than in my room as well. Anyways a lot of things have happened since my last update, even it’s only been a few days. Yesterday we wen’t to look at appartments in Linping/Rainbow city – seemed like a pretty cool appartment complex and we looked at about 10 different flats. Eventually all 3 of us fell in love with an appartment on the 37th floor – we liked the interior, the rooms were about the same size, not to mention the amazing wiew!The rent is 8000 yuan in total per month, wich is kind of allright for a 3 room flat in Rainbow city really :DIm going to take more pictures and post them later on, as we actually decided to take it. Running short on time now thought as we need to go sign the contract in a few minutes. I heard finding a place would be quick, but not this quick – and such a cool place too! In the evening I went out with Guri and Luna (my friends from University of Oslo). The nightlife here seems awesome actually, a lot of nice places to go. We wen’t to a place called The Place and one called Shelter. Shelter was pretty special, had to enter thorough a tunnel etc, at The Place it was Ladys Night so we got free drinks. Awesome day and awesome evening.


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