Update from Shanghai

Here we are, back at the Starbucks next to our hotel. Been a few sort of busy days, saying goodbbye to my friends Guri and Luna and moving some stuff to the appartment etc. Guri is going back to Oslo and Luna are going to study in Japan – happy that I got to meet them before they left though 🙂 Saturday we had dinner with some of Guris friends at a danish restaurant called Kommune – pretty nice place actually and it’s cool that you can find a danish restaurant in Shanghai, hehe


Sunday Cathrine, Irene, Miu and I wen’t shopping before I went to Guris to get some of the stuff she couldn’t take with her back home to Norway. Ended up with a huge backpack, a laundry basket and two bags – all filled with stuff! She gave me everything from beers, old food and candles to shoes, an umbrella and body lotion. Kind of like christmas 😛

We got the keys to our appartment yesterday and started to wash a little bit, etc. Going to be great living there I think. Nice that we still have some days at the hotel as well so we don’t have to stress too much with the cleaning and stuff- We went shopping for linens and stuff as well, the store close to the appartment complex is huuuge! They have everything, really – see for yourself:

thats right, they have frogs for sale – just 15 yuan 🙂 I got some more pictures of the appartment as well, but I think I wan’t to make an entry just about the appartment a little later – plus it takes ages to upload pictures at Starbucks and we’re going to IKEA soon to buy some more stuff that we need. Anyways just wanted to give you an update really, take care everyone 😀


4 responses to “Update from Shanghai

  1. æsj, så brun du har blitt ;P haha! Synes du skal poste bilder av leiligheten snart ja, skikkelig nysgjerrig joo..

  2. Ikea har virkelig tatt over verden, haha. Ser ut som dere har dere kjempekos. Misunner dere!! Må dra til Shanghai, en vakker dag.

  3. dra og besøk meg da vel Margrethe! 🙂 Og jeg skal skrive innlegg snart, nå har jeg jo tross alt internett på rommet så da blir jeg mer online

  4. Kanskje i vinter! Hadde vært utrolig kult. Må bare se an økonomien og når det kunne passe.

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