Our Place

Today I moved my last stuff into the new appartment, so I oficially moved to Rainbow City – wuhu! 🙂 Our appartment is pretty big with a livingroom, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and 2 balconys. The bedrooms aren’t 100% the same size so we are going to switch rooms every 3 months to make it fair. As I said earlier it’s on the 37th floor so the wiew is pretty awesome – we can see the TVtower and everything. I promised to post some pictures, so here’s the 3 bedrooms and the livingroom:

Today I have mostly been unpacking and just fixing stuff. The internet took a while to fix, and before our appartment agent got here we had to try and speak with my awfull chinese + gestures to the guy setting it up. Li You speaks english AND chinese though luckily, and he got here kind of quick. We also handed in some papers to a guy from the police for our temporary residence permit. Afterwards Irene and her mother went seightseeing or something like that while Cathrine and I just hanged out at the appartment and the area surrounding it, I got to say I love the shoppingcentre directly next to our appartment complex. We also went to a vegetable store that was run by this really sweet couple, they gave us free fruit and stuff 🙂



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