Big Change

So today we all dedcided to go to the hairdresser – it is way cheaper in China than Norway, and I really needed to do something about my hair.
I got to admit it was sort of scary for me going to color and cut my hair at a place where I could hardly even explain what I wanted, etc.. but it did turn out pretty cool, so it’s allright. I told the people working there I wanted some light golden brown color (pointed at it and everything), and they got to work. Two of the hairdressers spendt ages on my hair – maybe because it’s kind of long, who knows.. As the color started to take hold I realised it was a little lighter than I thought it would be and I got kind of ancious. The Chinese just smiled and threw me a “hen hao – very good!!”. For a second I thought it was all bright yellow, but luckily it’s not – it’s not golden brown either, or well the bottom is, but the top is blonde, hehe. It’s such a huge change I don’t even know what I think myself yet, but here it is – my new hair:

The color and cut cost me 978 yuan, so that’s about 800 something NOK I think – I had to pay more because my hair is long apparently, hehe ^^ Anyways, thats my new hair, laters 🙂


5 responses to “Big Change

  1. Det er litt sært at du allerede har vært hos frisøren og snart er ferdig med dagen, når jeg så vidt har spist frokost 😛

  2. skal snart ut og spise middag vi ;P

  3. De hadde sikkert lite erfaring med nordisk hår. Resultatet ble kjempebra! 😀

  4. de samlet seg rundt meg.. 2 stykker som farget det og de andre kom bort og tok på det og sånt heletiden :S

  5. Haha, du fikk hvertfall deres fulle oppmerksomhet.

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