Ok now Im kind of freaking out a little bit. When Iman Irene got home from the store a few hours ago she was all “ok girls, crisis meeting!”.. apparently there is a super tyfoon coming this weekend called Muifa or something, strongest that have ever hit Shanghai. We wen’t down to E-mart again to get supplied for the weekend – 5 kilos of rice, vegetables, water.. and I got some cola as well, hehe 😛 I really hope it won’t be as bad as Im affraid of right now, and that my building is strong enough to withstand it – I live on the 37th floor so if it falls over and Im inside I guess Im pretty dead. I have been reading quite a few articles about Muifa and how strong it might be, seems like there will be tons and tons of rain at least and stormy weather, hopefully that’s all it will be.. guess we will be evacuated if there’s any risk of buildings falling down. I sure hope so! We’re supposed to go to school tomorrow as well, to registrer for the summer course, but if it’s full storm outside Im not sure how that will work. The predictions are now that it will hit in the evening though, so unless we hear anything else I guess we should go to school as planned.

At least I got to try hotpot before this pretty scary weekend – we decided to treat Miu to dinner because she has been so nice helping us out our first days here in China. Having her here have really made things easier as she knows the language and stuff! Hotpot is pretty amazing, you get a small cauldron to boil stuff in and well yeah – stuff to boil. We had tons of different things, vegetables, meat, fish, etc – was a great dinner, really.

Looking outside now everything seems so normal, was a lot of people down at e-mart getting tons and tons of food though – so I guess they are all worried about Muifa. Ah well all I can do is wait and see what happens I guess.


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