Registration Day

We were kind of worried about how the weather would be today, but since we didn’t hear from the university we decided to head to registration day anyhow. Unlike the others living here in Rainbow City we decided to take the subway and then walk rather than take a taxi. This wen’t great and we found the way and everything, we did however calculate a bit too little time to walk from the station to Fudan. We got more and more stressed out while walking there in the heat, even ran for a few meters trying to make it on time. We were about 2 minutes late, but everyone were still at the main gate so we did sort of make it. Registration Day was mostly about filling out forms (in chinese, but we got help), getting our temporary student cards and our schedules for the summer course plus some maps and stuff. The Chinese told us that the placement test we were supposed to have tomorrow have been postponed to monday due to Muifa (the tyfoon) and that we should all stay inside tomorrow. The weather today was pretty warm, some wind and rain every now and then, but nothing I would call a storm yet, then again if the tyfoon does hit it will hit in the evening/night. Now they are saying on the news that the tyfoon might actually pass China and have its landing point in Korea instead though, but I guess we should wait and see inside just in case. Miu was supernice to us and made us dinner – it all tasted really awesome and it was great to all have dinner together in our new appartment. I guess tomorrow will be a really slow day, I guess I will try and study some chinese – seems I will be very safe though, not freaking out about Muifa anymore.



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