Quiet time

So today we had been told to stay inside all day because of the supertyfoon Muifa possibly landing on us, but as it turned out Muifa wasn’t interested and it moved up to northern China instead. The wind was definitely stronger than normal, but not fatal – Miu could even take the plane back to Norway today. We still stayed inside most of the day, just in case.. but nothing really seemed to happen outside and after a while I could even see the sun going down – only a few clouds. The weather has been worse here several times already, this was nothing. Today was a really slow day for me, I mostly studied chinese characters, watched some shows I have on my computer, talked to people on msn and listened to music. In the evening we decided it was lame staying inside when there was hardly any wind so we went down to the store and got some more food – there was tons of hyperactive chinese people outside, walking their dogs, playing badmington and shopping at the mall, guess they were tired of staying inside as well. The three of us had dinner together, Cathrine makes awesome noodles, and then it was back to chinese characters and the internet for a few hours before going to sleep. Tomorrow we are going back to Fudan to have our placement test and be divided into classes for the summercourse, its so exciting! So yeah just wanted everyone to know Muifa didn’t affect me whatsoever, but I guess you all probably know that from watching the news. Oh and by the way, the wiew from our balcony looks even cooler by night, especially when the picture is taken with Iman Irene’s awesome camera:


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