Placement Test /Old Town

Today has been a rather long day for me. Got up at arround 7 to go and have the placement test over at Fudan. The test was really short, I just had to talk to a teacher for about 5 mins – then she said I was lvl B and that was that. Considered to change to lvl C instead (wich is one lvl higher, A is the lowest and J the highest), but decided against it because we will be racing thorough the textbook in only 2 weeks learning about 50 new words every day. While waiting for my turn I got to know two German girls; Vicki and Ruth. They were both really nice so we hanged out with them while waiting on the lists of who was to go to what classroom and such. We had about 3 hours to kill, so we went to the mall close to Fudan and did some shopping plus lunch. Ruth, Iman Irene and Vicki were all B-level just like me, but I didn’t end up in the same class as any of them.. because it turned out there are 3 classes at B-level. When I got to the classroom it was just me and the teacher there for what felt like ages, she kept on talking to me in both english and chinese, asking tons of questions about me and Norway and my school, etc.. luckily some of the others showed up eventually though. In the end we were about 10 people that showed up, while we were maybe 20 on the list. After buying textbooks we all went on a campus tour. Fudan is definitely a big university – so big the people that work there normally send us a map of where to meet them etc.. hehe. I know the way to my summer course classroom at least, thats a start.

After shool I went to check out the Old Town with Cathrine, Katrine and Iman Irene. I liked this part of the city, closer to what you think China will look like sort of.. what is kind of sad is that they have modernized even the buildings in Old Town and it’s full of shops and stuff inside several old buildings. They had even put starbucks and mcdonalds in there. I still liked it though, it was very different from the rest of Shanghai and it was a cool contrast seeing the skyscrapers in the background.


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