Jingan Temple, Night out + The market

Hi guys, Im sorry I didn’t update for a while – but I have had tons of things to do. We got to learn about 40-50 new chinese characters a day and we had extra lessons last week to make up for the day we missed because of the tyfoon. Yesterday was a short day though and Irene, Katrine and a girl we met at the language course called Esther decided to go check out the Jingan temple. The temple was very nice, not extremly big, but still. We said a prayer and tossed a coin into a cauldron for good luck then had a look arround before we went out for dinner.

Later on all of us norwegians were planning on going out because of my classmate Guro’s birthday. A few of us met up for a smaller beforeparty, then we were going to meet the others at a place called Myral. When we got there it was really crowded and the music was both not our taste and way too loud. It turned out most of our classmates had bailed on Guro as well and gone to another club so staying to get to know everyone seemed pointless as well – we stayed for maybe half an hour before we went back home, shortest night out ever. We are going out today as well though and this time we got to choose the place 🙂

Today me and Cathrine hit the market. I got to practise my chinese a lot by negotiating down the price on stuff we wanted to buy. In the end I got  2 pairs of shoes, a dress, a jumpsuit, a shorts, a t-shirt, a big package of fake eyelashes and a ring for about 300 yuan. Im especially happy with how I got my new sandals down from 120 to 50 yuan – but Im happy with more or less all the bargains, I did not go over 50 yuan on anything ^^


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